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It’s 2018! If last year meant anything, it totally changes how brands and business market themselves. Most of the businesses might have already created a comprehensive digital marketing plan for 2018 and some might even have started implementing their strategy. So, make sure you don’t fall behind in the race. You need to come up with effective marketing strategies as well. If you haven’t done so already, don’t worry, there is still time.

A majority of businesses preferred Facebook marketing in 2017 and next close one is Instagram. The days of conventional marketing are totally yesterday. Social media marketing and digital marketing are the only real options. They are far more effective than TV or print ads and the ROI is much better as well.

What’s Going To Be The Trend In 2018?

Suppose, today if a company is thinking to put up an advertisement, they will proactively move to mobile advertising rather than advertising on the desktop. This is because there is going to be a decrease of 6% in the demand of desktop in 2018. The device which is mostly used to access Internet these days is mobile. So, to stay on the market and get its benefits, mobile is the best place to advertise your business, product and services.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Google, who were mobile-first companies, now they are turning towards artificial intelligence (AI) and they are using those machines’ learning features to learn more about the customers’ need and that would definitely influence the marketing decisions in the future. So, if you haven’t yet devised a digital marketing strategy for your business then take a look at some of the digital marketing trends that will dominate 2018.

Some social media platforms will gain prominence

Social media is the backbone on which online marketing depends. So, keeping an eye on individual platforms and their growth is very important. Twitter, the micro blogging site has been used for marketing by many companies. But Twitter hasn’t seen much growth in terms of user base in 2017. They also didn’t do much to improve their ads platform. So, marketers are turning away from twitter and investing heavily on Instagram and Linkedin.

AI driven marketing is the “in thing”

AI and marketing!!! Sounds a bit farfetched doesn’t it? Are you also thinking what AI could have to do with online marketing? Well by AI I don’t mean a fully fledged intelligence that can devise and execute complex online marketing strategy. But AI will definitely help you deliver targeted advertisements.

Another trend that will be important in the upcoming year would be that of behavioral marketing. Customized ads for specific customers and would be customers are definitely going to be very effective. And if the AI and behavioral marketing aspects could be executed simultaneously then we are sure to see some real improvement.

Mobile based ad campaigns will gain ground

Most people now have mobiles, tablets and/or desktops and laptops. But going by the numbers, mobile users tend to be much more in number. So, marketing strategies will have to be geared towards mobile devices. As Google and Microsoft are AI companies and trying different AI environments, they have also begun to realize that AI need mobile devices to carry out marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing will be the key to success

This strategy has been around for a while but it has come to the notice of most companies only recently. This is a high return strategy as a business can earn $6.50 per $1 that they have invested in this type of digital marketing.

Ad blocker will be a thing of the past

Ad blockers are good news for mobile users as they can stop annoying pop up ads. But as far as companies go, millions of dollars in advertising money is wasted because of ad blockers. But strategies are being developed to circumvent the limiting effects of ad blockers. Facebook has already disabled such blockers, and streaming websites like YouTube, Hulu etc. have built in ad features. Product placement might be an effective strategy to promote products without getting caught by blockers.

Some mobile marketing techniques that you should use in the upcoming year

  • To generate leads from the social media you should create a Messenger Chat Bot as you know most of your customers are on social media. Engaging them can help you convert leads to sales.
  • Leveraging Facebook custom audiences’ option in Facebook would let you target your existing customer’s data and then you can retarget users in Facebook.
  • Make an app on your mobile for business purpose. It will have a lot of benefit on your business. It will be also helpful to track your audience and their activities. This will help you plan your display ads using some social media platform.
  • You can also optimize Google display ads in order to get good results.
  • Delete duplicate keywords as the duplicate keywords would be read as same keywords by Google.
  • Google adwords display ads have more ad types like images. Images have better impact as they create brand awareness and also increase the chances of conversions.
  • You should check your automatic ad placements closely. You should discourage your ad to be displayed in the websites which has poor performance and also from the websites which doesn’t have any relevant connection with your subject matter.
  • You should check the time when your Adword campaign shows poor performance. You can go to the Dimensions section of the Adword and check it. When you find the times of the day your website isn’t doing well, try not to display them on those particular times.

Digital Marketing and SEO in 2018

If you can create high quality contents, others will link you with their articles. Some people will share your content. SEO is going to get harder with the new updates from Google algorithms. It is believed, in the future Google may emphasis less on keywords and rather more obsessed with user intent and their experience. The machine will gradually lean the patterns, the machine will also understand the content and thus the search method will be more accurate. So, people creating high-quality contents will be much in demand. Therefore, the thing you need to do is create more relevant content to target the audiences.

If you haven’t hired a digital media marketing agency yet, now would be a good time. At Blow Horn Media, we cover every aspect of content and digital media marketing and analysis. Contact our office today to make a customized digital media marketing plan for 2018.