Pay Per Click

When a user clicks on your ad on someone else’s website and is redirected directly to your website, the publisher of the advertisement earns revenue based on the click. This is a unique advertisement model where you get more views to the website while the ad publisher is paid based on the number of clicks. This payment is based on the clicks done by users.

Popular PPC Examples
Google Ad words
LinkedIn and
How is it calculated?
Pay Per Click is calculated by dividing the advertising cost by total clicks occurred on that advertisement.

Keyword Generation
From a wide range of database of around one billion keywords, we analyze and segment those keywords through which you can target your customers.
Campaign Targeting
We wholly manage your target based on parameters such as geographical location, language, platform and search engines.

Campaign Expansion
Dealing with keywords is not just a one-time-process. You need to be flexible and updated for changes in the customer behaviors.
Lead Generation
Using PPC lead generation, you can increase online registrations, manage campaigns, capture the data, track performance and analyze regular reports.