App Store Optimization

Now that you have made the world’s coolest app, it’s time to make it reach the world


What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization or ASO is all about optimizing mobile apps so that they can rank higher in the top search results of all app stores.  The underlying principle is the same as search engine optimization, higher the ranking in app stores, better the visibility to customers.  This in turn gets more visits on the page of your app in the app store resulting into significantly higher traffic on the particular page. Higher the traffic, greater the number of downloads.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing is one of the most potent advertising mediums to gain maximum exposure for your Mobile App. Millions of apps get downloaded each day and get abandoned the same day. Mobile App Marketing sets your app apart from the rest of the lot. It is about careful strategic implementation of branding strategies clubbed with customer experience to keep the user engaged on your app. This crucial step is what becomes the game changer or the deal breaker depending on the agency you select.

The right set of Mobile App Marketing Solutions guarantee the best of both worlds whether it is developing that special connect with your target audience or understanding the number game to test the best approach to getting the best ROI.

That’s where Blow Horn Media steps in. At BHM, our team of diverse and experienced professionals bring the best of the advertising world together with the technical world to deliver a customized experience that drives not just more downloads but great engagement for your app. This keeps your customers hooked and your ROI going great.

Our App Store Optimization Services Include:

iOS App Store MarketingiOS App Store Marketing

Android App marketingAndroid App marketing

Monitoring & AnalyticsMonitoring & Analytics

iOS App Store Marketing

There’s a lot that goes into effectively marketing an iOS app. In order to get started, at first you need to build your personal online presence. Understand the audience’s tastes and preferences that responds to your app and those that don’t. Build a plan of action, decide the platforms and the budget needed to promote. Execute the plan and be flexible in your approach since it takes time to test the waters. Once you gauge your audience, it is easier to get them download your app and keep them hooked. At BHM, we do this well, really well!

Android App marketing

The android app userbase varies from the iOS app userbase. That’s why it needs a carefully devised different plan of action. An agency that understands the subtle differences and gets the audience to respond and downloads to increase is what you need. That’s why you need BHM!

Monitoring & Analytics

It is imperative to understand the analytics of how your mobile application works and that needs consistent continuous monitoring. That’s how you can figure out how to improve it and attract new customers. Whether you have an android app or an iOS app, you need to understand the data, what they mean and identify the scope of improvement.