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SEO is just like life and business, needs constant improvement. Running a successful business needs planning and keeping a tab on the progress you make. It helps you understand whether you are going in the correct direction and how to proceed ahead. Measuring SEO efforts is not an easy job. There are a number of components and variables that need to be considered while measuring the success of SEO.It requires a true grit to master the art of measuring SEO efforts and working over it.
Here are few things to consider while measuring the success of SEO efforts:

  • It is hard:

SEO is really hard to measure because SEO practitioners are provided with a huge amount of data to analyze which needs a bit of prioritizing. One also needs to take care of Google standards for SEO as it changes its algorithm frequently.
The strategies and measurements that you undertake today might very well be tweaked and adjusted tomorrow. In the world of SEO, experience and expertise matter the most

  • Patience is a virtue:

With the entire complex situation, if you’re well-versed with SEO, you may get overwhelmed. People are eager and patience less to want quick and better results but that is unfair. It is crucial to make a regular practice of measuring SEO with patience and an understanding of how long things can actually take. The search engines take up too much of time to update their search result pages.
The SEO practitioners have to measure the track the performance, ebb and flow of their competitors’ SEO too.

  • KPI of SEO:

One might get confused about how much data to work with SEO. It is difficult to give simple and direct reports to the management. Hence the solution is to attach KPI to the objective of a client. When you tie up KPI with SEO, it may be a bit of a tedious task but it is definitely worth your time and your SEO efforts will be successful.
No matter what the goal of a company is – be it gaining the awareness of the new product or build a stronger brand, tying up KPI with the goals will help a lot with measuring the success of SEO.

  • Organic Search Traffic:

Organic search traffic is used to measure the performance of companies that are planning to acquire new leads. Organic search results are displayed because they are relevant to search terms, not because they were simply purchased and placed in the place of search results. An organic SEO refers to the strategies used to help websites earn high placements on search pages naturally
When a website’s content includes the keywords that match the search of users, it is likely to appear in large number in searches engine pages. The best practice is to anticipate the changes and have a keen awareness of them

  • Keyword ranking:

Keyword ranking is how well or poor a website ranks in search engine result pages. This key performance indicator is used to measure Company’s ability to build brand awareness among other abilities. Ranking of the strong location-based keyword higher on the SERPs was, is and will always remain the highest goal.
Determining keyword ranking will measure the effect of the website to attract the organic traffic. If you pay attention to the problems of long hauls, fewer issues will sneak up on you. The Google display results displayed on laptop/computer can vary the results on phone.

  • Social shares:

Social Shares means sharing the content you have on social media. That content includes your products, services, methods, missions, goals, etc. Social shares are quite important though not given priority by Google. More followers you get on social media, higher the chances of people viewing it and it boosts the organic traffic. Tweets and Facebook posts are handled as web pages, which is why a company’s social accounts often show up in SERPs along with the company website.
While monitoring for KPI watches for any inaccurate geographic or business information, mismatched address information, phone numbers, websites, etc. could potentially lower your ranking on SERPs.

  • Conversion rate:

Companies that are striving for Higher sales through Online Marketing need to measure the conversion rates. Conversion rate means the viewers who actually get converted into visitor who completes the goal or action you aim for. The goal is for a visitor to make the purchase or at least sign up for the newsletter. A lead is not limited to sales; it should be a marketing qualified lead, or simply any person who has expressed interest by identifying themselves through online medium.
Conversion rates are therefore necessary for gauging the SEO strategies. Once you know your goals, you can track them in Google Analytics’ Goal Completions which will help you get the insight on whether your website’s functionality and design are effective or not.

  • Backlinks volume:

Backlinks or inbound links are links that are directed to the page of your website from the blog, article or page of others. Backlinks to your site can also originate from other pages on your own site too. Google’s algorithm looks at link volume to judge the importance of a website which is why acquiring Backlinks is necessary. More the volume of Backlinks, higher the rank of your website on Google.
This happens because, as many Backlinks you have, useful content your website has and everyone is forced to click on that for one or the other reason. If your site is so useful to web searchers, that’s a signal to Google to give it a priority on SERPs. When you track you Backlinks, it will assist you with the strategies of link building to employ.

  • Victory is sweet:

A victory that is sweet never comes easy. You need to work hard, smart and be patient about the results. Success and competitiveness are for those who are willing to work harder and get their hands dirtier.
The bottom line here is that you can do is that select an Affordable SEO Agency and they will make your money worth it. However, do keep yourself updated with the SEO rules and regulations and make yourself adaptable to the change.
Working with SEO and make it work for you, takes some really smart efforts. At Blow Horn Media, our SEO experts make sure it does.