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In 1990, when internet was in its teenage phase, one thing that boomed was blogging. The blogging has become so popular that stay-home moms to big companies listed in fortune 500 have been blogging for multi-reasons. According to HubSpot report, the companies who take the help of Blogging are likely to enjoy 13X more ROI than the companies who do not.

Blog marketing has become a popular choice of marketing for all businesses. For a business blogging is not just the medium to gather followers but also when done right, it can establish you as an authority in your field, give people an inside look at your workplace culture, and boost your SEO.
By crafting a perfect blog post you can create awareness about your products, services and industry. Not only that, the more valuable pages you publish, the more favorably search engines like Google look at your website and as a result, you’ll attract more visitors via search.

Let’s begin here with 7 effective ways to turn your blog into your Lead Generation machine:

1. Use CTA button: Call-to-action is a method to compel your audience to go deeper. If they will take actions at the end of your blog post, it will benefit your business. They’re necessary for landing pages and in ads. Surprisingly though, they’re quite underused in blog posts. If you’re writing a post, try including a link in the text of your post to a relevant eBook or whitepaper.

2. Offer exclusive content: When it comes to providing content, you should provide fresh, unique, informative and interesting content to your readers. Tease your readers with exclusive content that can help them even more than free access to your blog can. Give them something to look up to your blogs every time it comes out. Your readers should feel engaged and informed from your blog posts.

3. Perks are never missed: No matter how rich your consumers are, everyone is interested in discounts, perks and cash-backs. If you own e-commerce websites, then you have a great benefit of offering your customer perks of discount on certain products or E-vouchers. You can also lure them into subscribing to your blogs by providing them benefit of offering discount on their first purchase. Thus, your blog could serve as Influencer Marketing.

4. Welcome, Redirect: If you have written an important blog post, consider using “Welcome Redirect”. WordPress offers a plug-in that will allow you to direct your website visitors to a lead capture page before they even reach your blog.

Keep in mind; this is a more “in your face” tactic as opposed to the other passive ones we’ve mentioned so far. As such, it can be an annoyance to your blog visitors. Always A/B test to make sure it’s helping your conversion rate more than hurting it.

5. Time Delay/Exit Pop-Ups: Once you click on the link to a blog post, you must have seen that after 2-3 seconds, you come across a pop-up that says “subscribe to our blog” or “join our mailing list”. Some of the web’s biggest and most well-known authorities use them to generate leads on their blog.
This could happen at the end of the blog too. You can use the pop-up once people have finished reading blogs. When people have finished reading your blogs and they move their cursor up to the top of the page, preparing to type a new URL or hit that little red “x” in the corner when all of a sudden, their entire screen is monopolized by a pop-up. This one is called an “exit pop-up.”

6. Answer the comments regularly: One of the influential methods of marketing is replying to the comments you get on your blog. Follow the people who follow you and spread your blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and every other social media account you have your account on.

7. Use influencers: First of all, you need to know what influencers you have in your industry. Search social networks to find accounts that have a massive (and most importantly, engaged) following. Then you follow them back till they notice you. The more they see your logo, or your personal photo, the more familiar you become to them. Keep your tone friendly and relatable to increase the chance that you get a positive response.

These tips will help your blogs become a lead generation machine. It is time for you to divert the customers of your competitors to your firm with healthy fight. So, go ahead and help your business boom with the successful tool called blog marketing.

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