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Everyone is aware of the power and influence of social media marketing. Ever wondered what can you do better to put your brand in front of more social media users?

Have you ever wondered what social media marketing strategies have successfully worked for others?
One of the key features to note in social media promotions is to learn how to keep your social posts well-focused on your brand and still avoid coming out as self-centred and overly promotional.

So, let’s get straight to business.

Tip-1: You Will Be Happy To Know How Easily Micro-Influencers Who Share Your Brand Aesthetics Can Help Your Brand.

Social media analysers point out why branded content may not always work out in your favour because branded content is usually self-serving and your audience knows it.

What can you do: Instead of creating brand content yourself, connect with influencers. Influencer marketing is normally presented as – Build relationships, Add value, Create a roundup or two. Then reach out for links and shares. However, when it comes to branded content, influencer marketing is much more like advanced product placement.

Step-1: Get your product or service to someone (social media account) your audience trusts (follows).
Step-2: Get that person(s) to create content around it.
Step-3: Merge their content with your social media platforms.

For instance, when you hire a Social media agency, their team finds and connects with influencing Instagrammers that fit your brand’s vibe. They communicate every detail regarding the ‘trade for product’ or paid collaboration in return for photos, posts, IG stories, IG lives, account take-overs, giveaways, etc.

That approach has been massively popular on influencer accounts as well as on brands themselves not just on instagram but on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Some say it’s the simplicity that offers the most hope for branded content. By reaching out to micro-influencers with less than 50K followers or influencers with more than 500K, one can significantly scale up the brand reach.

Tip-2: Share Some Laughs. Give People A Way To Share A Laugh At You As Well.

Humour connects us all. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and would love to share the same. If you are into creating and hosting branded content, when it comes to social media marketing, humour is definitely a top performer.

Not just because everyone likes to laugh, there is in fact a close connection between physiological arousal and sharing. A social media daily report, “Funny content is shared because amusement is a high-arousal emotion.”

The best way to market content is, make it feel like your branded content isn’t really branded; humour does exactly the same.

Tip-3: Integrate Brand Advocates’ Social Content Into Your Social Media Marketing

Much like influencer marketing, user-generated content (UGC) has been on the world wide web for years. However, it is only recently that brands have begun to systematically integrate it into their marketing as well.


It is because right from sales to social media, UGC is conversion gold.
Even hashtag marketing takes a similar approach and uses UGC in top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel content. The reason for this integration comes straight from the data. Essentially translating to, when you leverage UGC in branded content, you make customer the hero, instead of the company.

There is no straight formula when it comes to forming a successful social media marketing strategies. At Blow horn media, we customise a well efficient social media execution plan that would work for your brand and business needs. Contact us here to understand how.